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Welcome to the FAQ page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i hire in a venue upstairs?

Yes! Usually you can hire upstairs in a venue but please confirm with us first so we know if it is capable of being carried upstairs.  Almost all of our products can be carried upstairs, Except the 360 Booth as it is too heavy to be carried upstairs the venue must have a working lift.

PAT test

Our electrical products that are required to be PAT tested are all PAT tested and we will bring proof or EMAIL it to the venue or yourself!

How does the Audio guestbook send me recordings?

It is very simple. We will give you a USB stick to plug into your laptop or computer or we can send the audio files to you. If you ever loose the recordings we will send you a copy for 

What happens if someone breaks a product while it was hired? 

To Avoid Damages we recommend for children not to touch the equipment. Accidents do happen so If an item is found damaged or you have reported it to us you will be expected to pay for the repair/replacement. This will be discussed with you once we have seen the damage. Please do not try to repair an item yourself as this could make the damage worse.  

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