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Glowing Events have been providing high-quality light up letters, Numbers and event services since 2021. We’re a family-run business and know the importance of personal service and professional products. We’re based in Birmingham, but can provide our services throughout the Midlands and throughout the UK.

We’re innovators at heart and can create wonderful, unique designs that are tailored to your exact requirements. The success of Glowing Events is down our dedication to great service and our versatility to adapt to a range of different event and business needs.

Follow our business journey and listen to our story from when we began two years ago. Glowing Events never share personal information but am willing to share this with you all. We wouldn’t be where we are now without you guys, you customers new and returning, our amazing balloonies ( so so many of you) and fellow businesses that have supported us from the very beginning so here is our story, give Printed by Mama a like/subscribe and even share your journey as there’s so many of you out there in this industry smashing it being Mums/Dads, running businesses, juggling time management and everything in between ❤️❤️

🎙️ PBM Sunday Social 18.06.23 - Welcome Anne Marie Clarke of Glowing Events Ltd 🎙️ - YouTube

Why choose Glowing Events?

All of our units are professionally hand-built, and electrically certified in house tested by our qualified engineers. We can provide bespoke displays or permanent installations for your venue or business.

We use Cabochon fairground style fittings but can provide all types of LED lighting effects to enhance our displays and offer to supply units at short notice

With Glowing Events, you’ll get quality products, reliable service, and light up displays that are guaranteed to create unforgettable memories for your guests, clients, or customers. Our light up letters and numbers could be what’s missing to take your event, retail space or venue package to the next level.

For more details on our services and packages, 07943 163261 or email

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